Learn How to be a Top Point Guard from Basketball Guru Jason Otter

Developing a Point Guard

One of the most important positions on any basketball team is the point guard. A point guard can make or break a team with their ability to take care of the ball, getting their teammates open shots, or being a scoring threat themselves. If you’re wanting to play the point guard position then you have to know what to work on and Jason Otter’s Point Guard Elite Series is here to guide you every step of the way.

Otter is considered to be one of the best basketball minds in the game and his camps are the most sought after for players looking to work on skill development. He travels all over the world training players of all ages and levels but he is bringing his camp to you with the Point Guard Elite Series. It’s a high intensity training program for serious players where Otter covers every skill you need to be a top-notch point guard.

Point Guard Fundamentals

In this article we’re going to dive into the main areas Otter’s focuses on in his series: point guard mentality, ball handling, using your dribble to attack, passing to your teammates, and being a scorer. All of these areas are the fundamentals of a strong point guard - and when you can add not just one, but combine all of these skills into your game then you’ll become an unstoppable point guard.

Mentality of a Point Guard

Before we get into the skills and drills, lets breakdown Otter’s philosophy and mentality of a point guard. This will help you have the right mindset while you’re working on your game. Point guards are the floor generals on the court. They understand the flow of the game and know exactly what it takes to win. Here are some qualities that Otter focuses on when he is training point guards to be better:

What Should a Point Guard Work On

Otter includes everything in his Point Guard Elite Series, but we are going to focus on these four specific areas:

  • Ball Handling
  • Attacking with the dribble
  • Passing to your teammates
  • Being a scorer with the ball

Point Guard Tips and Drills

Ball Handling. Point guards constantly have the ball in their hands on the court. They’re responsible for bringing the ball up the court for their team and taking care of it against the defense. To work on these things, there are a number of drills you can do.

  • Stationary Ball Handling - Don’t overkill with stationary dribbling but it’s important to practice because it helps you use hard, explosive dribbles and maintain your balance. Do each move for 12 seconds and then switch hands. Minute Marker Vol 1 42:50-50:02
  • Transition Dribbling - Once you have stationary ball handling down then move on to praciting your dribble at full speed. Doing this when you’re practicing not only gets you into great shape, but it will help you get to the next level and put pressure on anyone that’s trying to guard you. Minute Marker Vol 3 7:16-8:30

Attacking With The Dribble. It’s essential for point guards to be able to attack their defender with the dribble. Everyone talks about basketball being a game of speed, but it’s actually a game of acceleration and change of direction. If you want to a legit player in this game, you’ve got to be able to move by your defender.

  • Corner Turns - One way to get by your defender is by turning the corner especially when they’re coming off a ball screen. Minute Marker Vol 2 35:16-39:01
  • Creating Angles - Another way to get by your defender is creating angle that creates straight lines to the rim. Minute Marker Vol 2 39:32-43:34

Passing To Your Teammates. One thing point guards have to understand that it’s important they can deliver the right pass to the right person at the right time. Being able to do this makes the game easier for you and helps put points on the scoreboard.

  • Off The Wall - If you’re by yourself in the gym you can use a wall to practice your passing. Using the wall helps you work on releasing the basketball quickly. Minute Marker Vol 4 5:20-7:23

Being A Scorer With The Ball. Otter preaches point guards to be scorers for three main reasons: 1) the ball is always in the point guard’s hands, 2) late game situations you need to be able to knock down free throws, and 3) makes you a step quicker because defense has to play you tighter. All three of these reasons play off of each other and can make or break games. To focus on being a scorer you should work on your form shooting and finishing at the rim.

  • Form Shooting - One of the first things you should do when you hit the gym is work on your form shooting to get your shot warmed up. Otter outlines four drills to work on your form. Minute Marker Vol 1 3:54-10:40

MORE Point Guard Tips and Drills 

Recommended Training Videos

The key to making any team great revolves around the ability of the point guard to get the job done. If you’re looking for more drills that emphasize both offensive and defensive concepts for playing the point guard position then take a look at these videos.

  • Running The TeamThis video is designed with both the coach and player in mind. It contains drills that can be done with anywhere from one to four players. It emphasizes both offensive and defensive concepts important for playing the point guard position.
  • Advanced Point Guard Scoring Secrets. Having a wide ranging skill set specific to point guard play is essential to continuing your basketball career at the highest levels. Now you can get the same instructions as top NBA and college players get and unleash the dominating point guard inside of you.

  • Point Guard Play with Bobby Hurley SrCoach Bob Hurley, Sr. takes you through various drills and an off-season workout that will help any player become a better ballhandler, but Hurley also talks about the key ingredients it takes to become a great point guard.

Recommended Training Aids

Now that you know what you need to work on to become a better point guard you might consider adding these training aids to your work-out to see maximum results.

  • When you’re working on your ball handling: HoopsKing Basketball Dribble Goggles. The best point guard don’t have to look at their dribble - they have their eyes up looking at the defense and reading the court. To train yourself to not watch your dribble get a pair of Dribble Goggles. These goggles will give you better ball control and court awareness in no time.

  • When you’re working on your scoring: iC3 Basketball Rebounder Shooting Aid. The key to becoming a better scoring is repetition. You need to practice shooting your jumper as many times as possible and iC3 Rebounder is the best tool out there to make this happen. Let it do the work of rebounding your ball for you. Save your energy for your training and gain more reps during your shooting workout.

  • When you’re working on your passing: Weighted HeavyTrainer Basketball. The beauty of practicing with a Weighted Basketball improves not just your passing but all areas of our game. You’ll become a stronger players and that additional strength will boost your game on the court.

Learn More

There’s so much to know about playing point guard and finding out what exactly you need to add to your game. If you want to learn more about developing your skills from one of the best in the world, check out Jason Otter’s Point Guard Elite Series. Otter not only goes into incredible detail but he does his own demonstrations as well. If you put your game into Jason Otter’s hand, you will become the best point guard you can be.

May 16, 2018 Coach Chris

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