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HoopsKing Basketball Dribble Goggles

RRP: $7.99 (You save $4.00)

  • FITS ALL PLAYERS! One size fits all ensures you can use the goggles with players of all ages - Guaranteed!
  • LIKE THE PROS! Blocks vision of the basketball from chest down gives you the power to learn to dribble the basketball by the feel of the ball instead of looking at it
  • COMFORTABLE - Soft flexible plastic allows you to comfortably wear the goggles
  • DELIVERS! Increased court awareness lets you see open teammates in games
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Become a better dribbler faster - just wear the goggles for all dribbling drills & watch your skill increase - Quickly

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Product Description

The HoopsKing Dribble Goggles help develop good fundamentals in basketball handling by forcing players to dribble without looking at the ball. Having player's heads up allows them to watch opponents and make better passing, shooting, and dribbling decisions.

The HoopsKing Dribble Goggles will not interfere in shooting the basketball.

HoopsKing Dribble Goggles creates:

  • Greater ball control.
  • Increased court awareness.
  • More sensitive hands.
  • Focus on the play.
  • Improved reaction time.
  • Increased confidence.


  • One size fits all with adjustable strap
  • Comfortable plastic

*Note: There is no lens in the dribble goggles.  These are meant for training purposes and not to protect the eye during play.

What the Boss Says

Chris Hungerford HoopsKing.com

Chris Hungerford

HoopsKing.com CEO


I think one thing that's missed with the dribble goggles is the fact that they are great even for older players - not just kids.  They block your vision from about the chest down so if you are someone who has learn to see the ball using peripheral vision the goggles take that away.  This forces you to completely learn to dribble by the feel of the ball without seeing it.  I've seen high school players who put the goggles on who are pretty good dribblers, all of the sudden start losing the ball here and there.  It's because they either peek occasionally at the ball or constantly see it in their peripheral vision.

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Basketball Dribbling Goggles Glasses only $3.99 / Pair (01:06)
  • Basketball Dribbling Goggles Glasses only $3.99 / Pair

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