Dynamic Warm up Drills with Jason Papalio

The new medical technology allow us to explore human body in a way like newer before. This new knowledge is much used in a today's professional sport. The players are much stronger, quicker, can jump higher, and all of this new abilities are taking a toll on a body. The sports are more demanding these days, and as a logic consequence, the training must be more demanding.  

One of the widely accepted new things in the aspect of training is a start. Coaches used to make their players stretch the muscles in the beginning of every practice, but now that is a thing of the past. New research and data are showing that the stretched muscle has the 70% strength of the same muscle that is just warmed up. The other important thing is that the ligaments that are stretched are more subjective to an injury then warmed up ligaments.

Data say that the best results are made by warming up every muscle group in the beginning of the practice, and the stretching then cooling down at the end.

Lets see what Coach Papalio has to teach us about warming up the legs and the core muscles.

First drill should be the the standing lunge.  


Standing lunge

Standing lunge is a drill that activates the whole leg, core muscles and the lower back muscles. These three groups are most injured in basketball. By adding the arm up drill while doing the lunge, you are putting some balance drills into the whole thing.

For your next drill do the walking lunge. This way, more coordination is needed, and the complete lower body is activated. All the muscles and all the ligaments are getting warmed up and ready for running and jumping.

Walking lunge

And for the final part, make your players twist their shoulders from left to right while doing the walking longes, just to activate all of the hip tendons.  

While twisting the shoulders, the players are not just getting warmed up, they are practicing the balance even more then in previous drills.

Walking lunge with twists

Let us take a look at the video:

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Jun 11, 2018 Coach Chris

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