Strength Training for Basketball Players

Strength Training for Basketball Players

Strength Training for Basketball Players - We Have the Equipment

Use our strength training equipment to help you get stronger, faster, quicker, & jump higher.  Just add any of our resistance bands to your existing strength training workouts or programs or use them on their own.  What type of strength training for basketball players should you do?  Most basketball players are worried about getting too bulky and that interferring with their shot or slowing them down.

Strength training for basketball players is a very important aspect of developing as a basketball player.  As you move up in levels of play, players will get bigger, faster, & stronger.  The stronger you are the more that will enhance your skills on the court.  Most players don't realize they would have to lift heavy weights for many years to get real bulky.

Next Level Strength Training for Basketball Players - Linear Variable Resistance Training

Basketball players should vary their strength training program based on what time of year it is - in season, off season, or pre-season.  During the season players will want to do lighter weight with reps in the 10 to 15 range.  There are many resources for developing a year around strength training program for a basketball player.

Our resistance bands like the P.R.O. and vertical jump bands can be added to weight lifting or own their own.  If you add them to weight lifting you can use a principle called Linear Variable Reistance Training.  The bands in this type of training recruit more muscle fibers which will help increase your strength to greater levels and help you break through plateaus.  Maybe you have hit a plateau with a certain amount of weight or your vertical jump hasn't increased.  If you add the bands to your weight movements you can break through the plateaus to jump higher and get stronger.  Strength training for basketball players is a must if you want to reach your potential.

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