(Rental)-Two Ball Passing, Dribbling & Ball Handling Drills

  • two ball basketball drills for your team
  • Two Ball Passing, Dribbling & Ball Handling Drills by Kevin Sutton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Two Ball Basketball Drills for Passing, Dribbling & Ball Handling

    Learn from Coach Kevin Sutton who has experience at the collegiate and national level of coaching with multiple age groups. Sutton provides a power packed workout that is used to develop a player ball handling skills.

    Two Ball Basketball Drills Benefits

    The benefits of quality ball handling skills cannot be understated as it gives players the best opportunity to stay on the floor and make an impact on the game. Sutton provides a well thought out workout by beginning with fundamental drills and skills that then moves to more advanced training in order to push the players both mentally and physically. After mastering the beginning workouts players are put through a series of one, two, and three-man drills that require focus, ball control, communication, conditioning, passing, and shooting skills. With just three players you can work on almost every basic offensive skill you will ever use. Extra conditioning and teamwork is used in a series of fast break drills that work on shooting and driving in a fast break setting. This two ball basketball drills DVD is a tremendous opportunity for both coaches and players to improve the team by improving the individual player. The drills are directly game applicable and offer a variety of skill work with the focus being ball handling.

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