Advanced Basketball Training & Coaching Systems

Basketball Training Videos with the Best Basketball Trainers

Our HoopsKing basketball training videos feature the best basketball trainers in the world.  Our trainers work with real players, real teams, real camps, and are proven basketball trainers for many years.  In most cases over 15 years.

Ganon Baker is one of the most reknowned basketball trainers in the world and his basketball training videos are second to none.  Ganon brings an unmatched enthusiasm in his videos and in person.  Ganon is a master at developing the fundamental skills necessary to be an elite basketball player.

Jay Hernandez has trainer Pro players for over 15 years.  Jay just finished up 3 years as an assitant coach with the Orlando Magic and is now with the Charlotte Bobcats.  Jay's basketball training videos focus on becoming a better scorer.  If the Pros hire Jay to teach them how to score and you want to score more points you better check out Jay's Pro Scoring Secrets System.

Jason Otter Basketball Training Videos

Jason Otter is famous for his Point Guard Elite camps.  Jason teaches point guard skills like no one else.  Jason really knows how to teach players to be more efficient in theri movement making them faster and quicker on the court without having to do a bunch of agility drills. Jason's Handle the Rock Dribbling videos have long been a top seller for players looking to improve their dribbling skills on their own time.