Shooting Aids

Basketball Shooting Aids to Improve Your Shot - Quickly

Our basketball shooting aids will help you become a great shooter and help you overcome tough to break habits. While you should always have good shooting instruction there are some habits and problems that can be fixed quicker with a basketball shooting aid.  Our most popular basketball shooting aids are:

  • Perfect Jump Shot Strap - This shot training device will keep your off hand or guide hand from interferring in your shot.  You want a true one handed shot to be the best shooter you can be and if your off hand is involved you simply aren't going to make as many shots as you could.  The Perfect Jump Shot strap automatically stops thumbing the basketball.
  • BullsEye Shooting Aid - The BullsEye puts your shooting arm into a perfect 90 degree angle.  This will smooth out your shot, you'll use less shoulder and more wrist on the shot.  All of that means you will make more shots and have that Shooter's Touch.

We have other off hand or guide hand shooting aids that will stop the # shooting problem of thumbing the basketball.  These include the Wrap Strap and Smooth Shooter.

Basketball Shooting Aids You Will Use Forever - the iC3 Basketball Rebounding Machine

The iC3 basketball rebounder is a basketball shooting machine that will help you get up 3X as many shots by rebounding your makes and misses.  You'll get up more shots instead of wasting time chasing basketballs.

The first step in becoming a great shooter is to develop good shooting fundamentals and habits.  A great place to start is with our instructional shooting videos. You need to build a solid base of shooting to start with.

If you need help in kicking a bad shooting habit then take a look at our basketball shooting aids as we have something that can cure almost any shooting ill.  


MarksMan Shooting Aid

$19.99 $9.99

How to Improve Shooting Arc in Basketball The MarksMan teaches you the correct form for a perfect shot. Build muscle memory for the correct shot when using the MarksMan basketball training aid. Use on a regular basis and it will allow you to...

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Wrap Strap (Off Hand)

$24.99 $19.99

The Wrap Strap if an Off Hand Shooting Aid for basketball players who want to stop Thumbing the Basketball. THumbing is caused by the Off Hand (also known as the guide hand) when a player uses the off hand to help put force on the basketball...

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Hoop Shooter Pro

$34.99 $29.99

The HoopShooter Pro, is a patent-pending basketball training equipment that helps players keep their hands and arms in the most advantageous position before and after the release of the basketball. Once you remove the HoopShooter Pro after practicing...

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20 Cone Agility Set

$14.99 $9.99

Agility Cones for Speed & Agility Drills & Much More The HoopsKing Agility cones basketball training equipment help develop great feet in your athletes and have many uses. You'll find these agility cones indespensible as a coach.  You will...

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Shooting Fork


The Shooters Fork is basketball training equipment that will spread your index and middle finger apart creating what is known as the "shooters fork". These two fingers control the aim of the shot and when spread apart they eliminate deflection to the...

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Free Throw Trainer


Great shooters master the perfect muscle memory that delivers the exact amount of arch and distance needed for each shot. This isn't an easy thing for most players to accomplish, until now... With this basketball training equipment you are forced to get...

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