Perfect Passing Drill: Improve Your Team's Ball Movement

As a basketball coach, you know how essential it is to have a team that moves the ball quickly and accurately. The Perfect Passing Drill, adopted by University of Toledo head coach Tod Kowalczyk, is an effective way to develop your players' passing skills.

Origin of the Perfect Passing Drill

Coach Kowalczyk adopted this drill from Thad Matta at Ohio State University. The drill involves six players passing the ball continuously in the half-court for 35 seconds without making any mistakes.

How to Do the Perfect Passing Drill

To perform the drill, have six players stand in a circle in the half-court area. One player starts with the ball and passes it to any other player in the circle. Each player must catch the ball and pass it to another player in the circle without dropping it or making a bad pass.

The drill continues for 35 seconds without any interruptions. If a player drops the ball or makes a bad pass, the team must start over.

Benefits of the Perfect Passing Drill

The Perfect Passing Drill is a great way to improve your team's ball movement and passing skills. Here are some benefits of incorporating this drill into your practice:

  1. Develops Ball Movement: This drill encourages players to move the ball quickly and efficiently, forcing them to make accurate passes and decisions under pressure.
  2. Increases Teamwork: The drill helps players develop chemistry and communication skills, as they work together to complete the drill successfully.
  3. Builds Concentration: The 35-second time limit requires players to stay focused and avoid making mistakes.

Similarities and Differences with the Argentine Passing Drill

The Perfect Passing Drill is similar to the Argentine Passing Drill, but with some key differences. The Argentine drill involves eight players, while the Perfect Passing Drill involves six players. In addition, the Argentine drill requires players to move around the court, while the Perfect Passing Drill is stationary.

Final Thoughts

The Perfect Passing Drill is an excellent way to improve your team's ball movement and passing skills. It is easy to set up and can be done with as few as six players. Remember to adjust the time limit to fit your needs, as the video was shot prior to the shot clock being changed to 30 seconds.

Incorporating this drill into your practice can help your team become more efficient and effective on the court. Give it a try, and watch your team's passing skills improve!

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Mar 03, 2023 BigCommerce

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