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  • (Rental)-Teaching Basketball From The Ground Up
  • Teaching Basketball From The Ground Up by Barry Hecker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    He was the former coach of Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA and the former assistant coach of the LA Clippers in the NBA. He has experience which spans over 30 years. This is mixed with experience which has been gotten from teaching students in college and high school.


    Learning the basics in basketball is one thing which can guarantee success. For this reason, Barry Hecker uses drills which are progressional in nature. This drills would help coaches to teach other young players who are just starting out on the part to basketball the basic things which they should know. These things and drills would most likely include shooting, balance and so much more. This coach uses visual images and illustrations to teach young players. This allows them to fully understand the concept which is being expressed in the drill or set play. Some of the categories which this video focuses on include;

    • Balance: balance is needed due to a lot of factors in basketball. One of such reasons is because balance is the only way you have enough agility that would allow you to play the game effectively. In this video, Barry Hecker tries to teach the concept of balance using different drills such as pivots and defensive slides. His techniques of teaching drills are professional in nature. This allows for the player to gradually understand all the drills which he is being shown.
    • Movements and dribbling: movement drills are taught in the video and they work to allow the players to get separated from the defending. The drills which are usually taught are drills which would help players improve their handling skills and their dribbling skills. Players would also get to work on a variety of drills which would involve a change of space and directions on a regular basis.
    • Passing: hand and foot placements are essential skills if you want to improve your passing. This is what the coach teaches through this video. He makes sure that the players learn passes such as the chest pass, bounce and overhead passes. He also teaches advanced types of passes which would involve jumping and pivot before making a pass. Many drills showing different types of passing are also available on the video.
    • Shooting: when teaching the shooting technique, the coach allows for the players to learn certain drills which would allow them to take a shot when the ball is still on the spin. Several other types of shooting techniques are also available on the video. He also ensures that the young players know the hand placement techniques effectively which would enable them to be able to take on more accurate and precise shooting in the future.

    No matter the age you find yourself in, you stand to benefit a lot from Barry Hecker videos. He uses the repetition method to teach drills and combines it with progression to make it better to do and easier to understand.

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