Smooth Shooter (Off Hand)


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  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Takes away off hand from shot helps you to develop muscle memory in your players more quickly for a true one handed release - Just Like The Pros Do
  • EASY FOR COACHES! Easy to put on and off makes it easier to have all your players quickly using the aid in practice without spending a lot of time figuring out how to get it on - Simple!
  • FOR ALL AGES! One size fits all shooters (right & left-handed) ensures anyone from the preps to pros can benefit from the smooth shooter in no time flat
  • PROPER TECHNIQUE! Requires basketball to be balanced in shooting hand permits you to correctly hold the basketball shot after shot - Within Minutes
  • SOFT HANDS! Disables fingers of off hand in helping catch the basketball helps you to develop "soft" hands when catching the basketball and be shot ready with shooting hand With Ease
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Basketball Off Hand Shooting Aid Smooth Shooter

"The Smooth Shooter Basketball Shooting Equipment is So Easy to Use"

basketball shooting aid equipment off hand guide rotation

HoopsKing Smooth Shooter is for every basketball player who wants to develop better shooting technique without the hundreds of hours needed to do it. It’s hard to get players to build good shooting habits and even harder to break bad habits. It takes tens of thousands of repetitions under the supervision of coach to develop great technique. Most players don’t progress on their own without someone constantly working with them.

But that's not the end of your problems with developing a pure and true one handed release. What makes this even worse is the fact that players go to practice and games and go right back to old habits! Which means your players won't develop the proper muscle memory needed to shoot like the pros. Now many people believe that shooters are born and not made but the opposite is true.

Basketball Shooting Equipment to Speed Up Your Shot Development

Shooters are Made and not born. All of these hurdles make learning to shoot with a smooth, one handed release difficult. That’s why there aren’t a lot of great shooters around.

But luckily for you, there's now a solution! So, if you're a basketball player and who really develop better shooting technique, and can’t find the hundreds of hours needed to do it, this basketball training equipment is the answer you've been looking for! You’ll develop a silky smooth release in just weeks and not years as the Smooth Shooter will not only develop the proper muscle memory – you will instantly feel what a true one handed release is like as the Smooth Shooter takes away the off hand from being involved in the shot – except to help balance the basketball on the way up. You won’t be able to use your off hand fingers to grip the ball in any way! This also means that you will HAVE TO correctly balance the basketball in your shooting hand. Grab yours today and start to developing a silky smooth shot that will have you scoring more points in games!

Order this Basketball Shooting Equipment & Make More Shots!

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