(Rental)-Two Guard High Post Offense

  • (Rental)-Two Guard High Post Offense
  • Two Guard High Post Offense by Ben Braun Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Braun believes in motion offense, which involves constant player and ball movement. He also advocates proper spacing. This offensive philosophy places a high value on passing, especially to the open shooter. To give the shooter the best shot, the ball must be delivered to the correct spot. Braun shows the 3-man, 2-ball shooting/passing drill to help with this skill. Braun also demonstrates other concepts such as getting open on the wings, lobbing the ball above the defender to overcome their position, the inside, reverse pivot, and the backcut and post up just below the mid-post. Braun's two-guard approach teaches the "X" and shallow cut moves to create space and open up. To get open, the high post player can also be useful. Braun allows players to "just be" by gradually adding players to the court. These skills can be used by any player to run an offense, and they will all be successful.

    80 minutes. 2007

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