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  • 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense Drills Basics
  • The Adjustable 3-2 Match-up Zone Defense by Kevin McGeehan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Adjustable 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense

    Learn how to take your zone defense to the next level using the strategies of Campbell University head coach Kevin McGeehan. The Fighting Camels have a strong history of good defenses under McGeehan who uses on-court demonstrations to show you his matchup zone. By mixing traditional man-to-man concepts with the rim protection of a zone defense, Coach McGeehan-led defenses have a propensity for taking away dribble drives and ball screens.

    Coach McGeehan’s presentation begins by reviewing the basics of each position on the floor. Each player has a specific duty beginning with not allowing any easy shots, containing dribble penetration, and blocking face-cuts. McGeehan takes you through 1- and 2-guard fronts and how to match up against them and how to defend the post.

    3-2 Match Up Zone Defense Drills

    With the basics covered, it is on to how to defend the various offensive alignments and actions that you would most likely see. Using a 5-on-5 Shell Drill, you will see how to handle cutters, screens, and the skip pass. Coach McGeehan also points out where help defense is needed against the various actions. Offenses facing a matchup zone will attempt to distort the zone. Coach McGeehan shows you how his teams maintain their shape, which is a key to its success.

    Coach McGeehan also explains how to defend the five most common offensive attacks against his matchup zone. These include 4-out 1-in, Carolina Screens, ball screens, “V,” and 1-4 High. Using Coach McGeehan’s philosophy of the 3-2 matchup zone defense, you will be able to confuse and frustrate opponents on offense.

    McGeehan’s defense is easy to install. Man-to-man coaches will find that because of the strong ties to man defense, McGeehan’s matchup zone can be used as a secondary defense making your team even harder to scout. Opponents will have a difficult time trying to figure out how to beat this defensive system. Rent this 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense DVD today.

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