(Rental)-Setting The Tone For A Successful

  • (Rental)-Setting The Tone For A Successful
  • Setting The Tone For A Successful by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The tone set by the coach is key to team success, team chemistry and toughness. Coach Crean is an expert at setting the tone. This video will show you how. Mental preparation is key. Players must have a clear mental focus when they hit the floor. He expects players, coaches and managers to be prepared to practice efficiently with maximum effort. Players need to be positive and coaches must bring enthusiasm and intensity to practice. Third, players must be ready to compete every practice. Crean's team shows a variety in ball handling and shooting drills, using cones as coaches and passers. Players must "reach up" to shoot from the screens when they come off them. Players work on 2-0 ball screening skills when they move to the full court. Once the ball is in play, one-on-one drills are transformed into 2-on-2. For full court transition drills to be successful, all players must concentrate and communicate. Crean ends the practice session with a full court scrimmage of 25 points and a three-minute game, which use all of the techniques taught in this practice session.

    68 minutes. 2007.

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