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    Sean Miller’s Skill Development School: Guard Workout

    Proficient guard play is a must in Arizona head coach Sean Miller’s system. The former Pitt point guard and three-time Pac-12 Coach of the Year believes guards are the throttle in his system of up-tempo play. In this video, Coach Miller shows you one of the most comprehensive guard workouts ever put together. It is filled with drills for both shooting and ball handling and ways to help improve a guard’s overall basketball IQ.


    Coach Miller divides the workout into two segments, the first of which is shooting. He demonstrates six different shooting drills designed to improve a guard’s shooting ability from multiple situations. Players work on shooting on the move, shooting in transition, and shooting off of the pick and roll. You will learn how to easily incorporate moves and actions from your own offense into a simple yet challenging workout. Coach Miller pushes his players through the shooting workout to add an element of conditioning. Guards must have the ability to make shots from anywhere on the court even when they are tired.

    Ball Handling

    The second phase of Coach Miller’s workout is based upon building better ball handlers. There are four different segments used to train guards to be confident when they handle the ball. You will see stationary two-ball drills where players focus on developing basketball strength and game intensity while focusing on the court in front of them. One-ball drills focus on handling the ball on the move. There is also a transition ball handling segment where players learn two different ways to attack defenders in the open court.

    Coach Miller puts it all together by training guards how to execute when coming off of a ball screen. Miller demonstrates six different ways that teams defend the ball screen and how guards can counter each of them. Whether the screen slips, the defender drops, or the ball handler must split the defense, your guards will be prepared for game situations by being able to recognize how a defense is going to play the ball screen.

    Coach Miller’s presentation is a must-have for coaches looking to improve guard play. The drills he uses will train your perimeter players to attack any defense with high intensity and effective reads.

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