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    Ryan Odom’s Competitive Basketball Drills

    If you build a team that can compete, you will likely find ways to win many basketball games. UMBC head coach Ryan Odom has built scrappy, ultra-competitive teams through practice. In this video, he shares with you many of the drills that he used to construct his program from the ground up.

    Odom’s 2018 UMBC team became the first No. 16 seed to beat a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. The Retrievers finished 25-11, won the America East Conference Tournament championship, and set a school record for wins. UMBC’s success all began with Coach Odom’s competitive practice drills.

    Competitive Basketball Drills with Game-Like Situations

    Coach Odom likes to build his practices around game-like situations. In this segment, he demonstrates a variety of exercises that are done daily to help players learn to defend and score. In 1-on-1 Closeouts and 1-on-1 Rebounding, players must pursue the ball to get a quick outlet and get up the floor looking for a quick 3-point shot or a layup.

    V-Cut passing is a drill designed to help players communicate as they pass the ball up the floor as quickly as possible simulating the fast break. Players learn to catch the ball with two hands and drive to the basket.

    Skill Development

    Coach Odom helps build his players’ ability to score with a series of breakdown drills for guards and posts. Motion Action is a half-court offense drill that teaches players to read a defense, attack it, and score. This is one of several motion action and finishing drills that Odom uses for both guards and posts. Post players work on cutting to the basket, especially in transition and all players learn the half-court rules and actions of Odom’s offense.

    Half-Court Offense

    Practices normally finish with 5-on-5 action. Here, Coach Odom’s players work on the motion actions and post finishes that they learned in the drills in a 5-on-5 setting. Heat Transition is a drill to help players attack and take advantage of a transition situation. The use of quick outlet passes and catching the ball with two hands are fundamental principles that players carry over into games.

    Coach Odom’s 112-minute video illustrates why his UMBC teams have achieved success. UMBC teams are known for their ability to compete on any given night against any given team in the country. Coach Odom built his team’s reputation on sound, fundamental basketball and a desire to compete. You can now do the same utilizing some of Coach Odom’s competitive practice drills. Rent this competitive basketball drills DVD today.

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