(Rental)-Rotation Continuity Zone Offense

  • (Rental)-Rotation Continuity Zone Offense
  • Rotation Continuity Zone Offense by Fran McCaffery Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Fran McCaffery: The Rotation Continuity Zone Offense

    Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery has taken four different programs to the NCAA tournament. Much of his success is based upon his ability to break down defenses, which he does in this video. Using on-court demonstrations, Coach McCaffery shows you his Rotation Zone Continuity offense. It’s an offense that features detailed cuts, actions, and movements that result in quality shots for your best shooters.

    Coach McCaffery begins with the basic setup to initiate the offense. Players can also morph their set into a more traditional zone offense to beat any 2-3 zone. McCaffery then goes through each pass and shows you where players have to move in order to create the best scoring opportunities for themselves and for their teammates.

    Coach McCaffery continues breaking down the 2-3 zone showing you different entry angles including the high post, wing, wing reversal, and dribble penetration. He shows you how to stretch the 2-3 zone using each different entry and then attacking it from the baseline to produce layups. You’ll see each player’s responsibility as they move the ball from side to side. The defense shifts which opens up shots in the high post, baseline, or perimeter jumpers.

    With the basics mastered, Coach McCaffery outlines four different looks within the offense that can confuse the defense and produce points in special situations – coming out of a timeout, free throw, and end-of-game.

    Using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 demonstrations, you will see how you can master the Rotation Zone offense and install it in your program. Opponents will have a tough time defending you and you will soon be breaking down 2-3 zones with the best of them.

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