(Rental)-Pick & Roll Continuity Offense Vs. Man & Zones

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    Pick & Roll Continuity Offense vs. Man and Zone Defenses

    The beauty of a pick & roll continuity offense is that it can be successful against man or zone defenses. Former Southport HS (IN) head coach Wes Peek shows you how the offense works against both defenses. What you will see is how guards in the offense are given the freedom to use their creativity and their skill set to maximize this ball screen pick and roll offense.

    Using on-court demonstrations as well as whiteboard diagrams, Coach Peek takes you through his pick & roll continuity offense. He shows you how to run a high ball screen attack with an athletic 4, a true point guard, and a dead-eye shooter. Coach Peek teaches you how to use each specific player’s skill set, the verbal visual cues needed, and the variations of the offense.

    It all starts with three basic entries into the ball screen offense. Peek then breaks down the offense versus man and zone defenses. If teams do it right, defenses end up out of position with their bigs trying to defend on the perimeter. The long recoveries by the defense create plenty of opportunity for offenses to score.

    There are a number of concepts that you will learn in this DVD. They include:

    • How to use the pick and roll as a man and zone offense
    • The cues and calls used to teach and execute the offense
    • Learn to run the offense from multiple sets and out of transition
    • How to read and counter switches and hard hedges
    • Drilling the entire offense at once in order to maximize the number of reps

    Coach Peek does an excellent job of teaching how to use a ball screen offense against either man or zone defenses and create high percentage shots for posts and guards. Learn how to maximize scoring opportunities for everyone on the floor! Rent this Pick & Roll Continuity Offense DVD today.

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