(Rental)-Perimeter Drills And Skills For The Pick And Roll Offense

  • (Rental)-Perimeter Drills And Skills For The Pick And Roll Offense
  • Perimeter Drills And Skills For The Pick And Roll Offense by Wes Peek Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Perimeter Drills and Skills for the Pick & Roll Offense

    If you are going to have success in today’s modern game of basketball, you better become proficient at the pick and roll. Former Southport HS (IN) head coach Wes Peek takes you through a series of drills to develop your perimeter players for the pick and roll offense. Use Coach Peek’s teaching to help your players develop the skills needed to run the pick and roll.

    Coach Peek uses a variety of drills, including chair drills, to teach spacing and fundamentals of the pick and roll offense.

    Perimeter Entry Chair Drills

    The goal of the perimeter entry chair drills is for players to develop the proper footwork and shooting form to be successful. Players need to have the ability to catch and shoot or catch and attack from any area on the floor. They also need the ability to read a defense and need to learn to be aggressive.

    Ball Screen Chair Drills

    Using chairs, Coach Peek teaches players the different options available when coming off a ball screen. He shows players how to read the defense, accept and use a ball screen, and how to reject a ball screen and counter the defense.

    Combination Drills

    Using both 2-on-0 and 3-on-0 drills, Peek teaches the pick and roll offense. Players learn to cut, pass, catch, and use screens. These combo drills teach players to draw help defense for kick out passes while perimeter players learn proper spacing and positioning.

    2-on-2 Live Drills

    Finally, Coach Peek pulls everything together and runs his 2-on-2 Live Drills. This is a great way to ensure that what is being taught is sinking in with your players.

    Coach Peek is a great motivator and promotes competition in each of his drills. He teaches players to use good passes and cuts to create advantages. He also teaches players to stay aggressive to keep defenses off balance and create shots to maximize the effectiveness of the pick and roll offense. Rent this perimeter drills DVD today.

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