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  • (Rental)-Offensive Player Improvement
  • Offensive Player Improvement by Sean Miller Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Coach Miller's philosophy for player improvement can be summarized into four key points. Have a plan, create a conditioning element and practice it. Make footwork the foundation of your improvement. Miller illustrates drills that focus on skills off the catch and off the dribble. Larry Brown is responsible for the explosion sequence off the catch. For the catch drills to be successful, it is essential to create space and a triple threat position. Miller shows the body-to-body side drive and strong side drive from the move. Miller emphasizes the importance of playing straight when driving to the hoops. Another skill in this series is the perimeter drive to low-post play. The second phase is off the dribble. Six two-ball drills for dribbling are shown and are the best to strengthen the weak hand. In the full court, crossover and inside/out are crucial skills. The toughness series simulates the game and includes carryover and a conditioning component. These drills are quick and intense, including the Mikan drill, tip drills, and footwork drills. Miller stresses that the cement is for the inside foot and the kickstand is for the outside foot. Baseline finishes are designed to prepare post players for quick catch and scoring in the post. The toughness series' final two drills are the X drill and one on one in the post.

    71 minutes. 2007.

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