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  • Next Level Strength Training - A Real Time Workout by Barry Kagan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Strength Training for Athletes the  Next Level – A Real Time Workout

    Barry Kagan is a well-respected strength and conditioning coach who has worked with over 100 NCAA All-Americans, 15 NCAA national championship teams, over 50 professional athletes, and more than a dozen Olympians. In this video, the fifth of Coach Kagan’s Sport Performance Preparation Series, Coach Kagan helps reduce the complexity of the weight room and accelerate your technique progression and learning.

    This strength training for athletes video is your virtual training partner and is to be used on your handheld device as you train. Two athletes on the video will take you through the prehab warmup and guide you through your workout. They will also remind you to fill out your lifting card to track your progress. There is also reference material that can be used for exercises that you may have forgotten how to do as well as real time demos of the dynamic warm up and the dynamic flexibility routine.

    This DVD includes a number of downloadable files designed to ease the transition of learning from the video to actual hands-on participation. Files included are:

    • Introductory Body Weight Circuit
    • Weight room warm up and injury prevention sequences
    • Introductory Workout Day I
    • Introductory Workout Day II
    • Dynamic warm up routine (for on-field workout preparation)

    Strength Training for Athletes Technique Tips

    Also included in the strength training for athletes DVD are abridged reviews of technique for all of the exercises that are part of the Introductory Workout routines. You have an instant source of reference for exercises that are more complex. The video is a valuable resource for new lifters or those that may be intimidated by the weight room. It is also valuable for parents, coaches and physical educators that want a convenient guide to assist them in real time while athletes are learning their lifting routines.

    This DVD is not a stand-alone product. It is to be used in conjunction with Video 1 of Coach Kagan’s Sport Performance Preparation Series. This video is designed to assist any lifter and a coach or parent with the set-up, pace, and completion of the routines until an athlete reaches a point where he or she can make it through all the introductory workouts.

    Coach Kagan’s series of videos contains all the tools needed to help athletes reach their pursuits. Athletes in all sports can benefit from the knowledge and teaching of one of the country’s top strength and conditioning coaches. Rent this strength training for athletes DVD today.

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