(Rental)-Motion And Zone Offenses

  • (Rental)-Motion And Zone Offenses
  • Motion And Zone Offenses by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bob Hurley: Motion and Zone Offenses

    Learn how to break down any zone defense and maximize your motion offense in this on-court clinic presentation from one of high school basketball’s all-time greats – Bob Hurley. Coach Hurley spent four decades at St. Anthony’s HS (NJ) where he won 27 state championships, three USA Today national championships, and two USA Today National Coach of the Year awards. With over 1,000 career victories, Coach Hurley is one of the few high school coaches to have been inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Coach Hurley’s video presents details about his highly successful Zone and Motion Offenses. Hurley shares his philosophies of both and also provides you with how he runs them from multiple sets and the various quick hitters he uses.

    Zone Offense Philosophy

    Coach Hurley explains why it is important to dribble more against a zone defense than man-to-man. One of the reasons is that it helps force an opponent to guard you from sideline to sideline and stretch the defense. Hurley also likes to attack zone defenses from behind. He shows you how to do so and give your team easy layups.

    Defeating any Zone Defense

    Coach Hurley details for you five different sets that can be used to attack any zone defense from a 2-3 to a 1-3-1 and even a matchup zone. You will see how to attack the weak side of a zone defense creating a 2-on-1 advantage with a ball reversal. The concept works against any zone.

    Motion Offense Philosophy

    There are 10 concepts that make Hurley’s Motion Offense so successful. He shares each of them with you, including 1) fitting motion to your team, 2) using tempo to control the game, and 3) moving with a purpose while reading teammates. Learn audibles and numbered cuts that can be used to keep the offense free-flowing.

    Coach Hurley shares the 11-Pass Drill and the Overplay Drill, which he uses to build the Motion Offense. You can do the same. Both drills are based upon the offense making clean passes and using screens to get open. No dribbling is allowed in either drill.

    You also get an inbounds play that is so good Hurley has run it for 35 years! Everything you learn in this video is what helped guide Hurley to over 1,000 wins. Add it to your collection and add a wrinkle or two to your Zone and Motion offenses.

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