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  • Individual Skill Development by Jay Wright Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: Individual Skill Development

    National championship coach Jay Wright of Villanova opens up one of his practices to show you how his program develops its offensive system. Players work to build their individual offensive skills while also learning the offense and the different scoring options.

    Wright knows a little about offense as evidenced by his six Big East regular season titles and two national championships (2016 & 2018). You will see how Wright emphasizes spacing, reading defenses, and understanding Villanova’s offensive concepts.

    Individual Skill Development

    Watch as players work on improving footwork, reading ball screens, and taking game-like shots. In the footwork series, players work on inside pivots, reverse pivots, drop steps, jab steps, and much more. You’ll see Coach Wright go from rim to rim pointing out any mistakes.

    In the shooting series, players focus on proper footwork as well as reading the situation before executing a shot off of a ball screen, down screen, curl out, or flare screen. In each drill, players use a go-to move and a counter as they imagine the situation in front of them.


    Wright believes in 5-on-0 to develop his offense. Players incorporate their individual skill work into the 5-on-0 situation. Aces, Deuces, and Flat are the offensive sets run in this segment. Each involves ball-screen actions but from different areas on the court. Players work through the actions to understand spacing, timing, and the different scoring options.

    5-on-5 Live Scripts

    This segment of the practice brings everything together. Everything taught and drilled is now incorporated into a live 5-on-5 setting. A half-court shell offense works through Aces, Deuces, and Flat against a live defense. Play progresses to a full-court scrimmage to 15 where points are awarded for displaying techniques that were emphasized in practice. These include offensive rebounds, turnovers forced, and more.

    Coach Wright’s presentation is a must-have for all coaches. Learn how to develop the skills you want your players to have when the pressure is on and a game is on the line.

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