(Rental)-Increasing Your Vertical Jump

  • (Rental)-Increasing Your Vertical Jump
  • Increasing Your Vertical Jump by Preston Greene Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    By Preston Greene

    [Video introduction was done by Billy Donovan]

    Preston Greene’s profile

    Preston Greene is the Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Florida.

    Billy Donovan’s profile

    Billy Donovan is the Head Coach at the University of Florida. Also emerged as NCAA champions in 2006 and 2007.

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    In this video, you will be taught the exercises that you can use to enhance the possibility of increasing your vertical jump and also your power output. You will be exposed to a training workout for vertical jumps which is used by Coach Billy Donovan in training incoming freshmen. You will also get to learn the most appropriate techniques and the right form that you need to execute weight-lifting in the safest way possible. This also applies to plyometric drills.

    This program is designed to give athletes the essential training that they need to increase their explosiveness, enhance their speed and improve their vertical jump.


    Preston Greene, a coach of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Florida, uses this video to give a detailed analysis of the Gator’s program for vertical jumps. As he takes you to the court and also the weight room, Coach Greene gives detailed explanations and demonstrations of the best drills that can be used to improve vertical jumps and enhance the level of power output.

    As he takes you to the weight room, you will get to see about sixteen powerful exercises. Coach Greene teaches you how to position your hands on the weights appropriately and the best way to carry out each exercise accurately. He also outlines the required number sets and the appropriate numbers of reps that are needed for you to gain the highest possible level of strength each time you engage in exercise. You will be exposed to drills which include:

    • Clean pull
    • Snatch grip jump.
    • Box jump
    • Power snatch
    • Back squat



    As Greene takes you to the court, he showcases 5 unique plyometric drills that can assist athletes in the development of explosive power. The drills will also assist athletes to take their performance in the weight room and replicate it on the court. There are warm-up drills, warm-up tips, and processes which will assist athletes to attain the highest possible results in training and on the court.

    Coach Greene also explains a basic workout progression that he uses to train incoming freshmen appropriately in the techniques and the right form for every exercise. You will be taught on how and when to interchange strength phases with power phases with 21-day cycles in order to improve results. The exercises in the video can be applied by males and females alike.

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