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  • Villanova Unscoutable Zone Offense Volume 2 Perretta
  • Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense by Harry Perretta Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Villanova Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2

    Villanova University women’s head basketball coach Harry Perretta has accumulated over 750 wins in his illustrious career thanks, in part, to an offense that is simply unscoutable. Perretta, who became Villanova’s coach at age 22, has spent his entire career perfecting an offense that exploits gaps in any zone defense. Over 40-plus years, Perretta’s scheme has evolved into a continuity zone offense that does not rely on patterns and is extremely unpredictable.

    In this Villanova Unscoutable Zone Offense video, Coach Perretta takes you on the court to demonstrate this concept-based offense. The offense gives players the freedom and responsibility to adjust and attack based upon a distinct concept. Play can start from any position against any defense and be adjusted at any time. Each position does have some rules in terms of location, spacing, and movement; but the offense centers around players’ strengths.

    Because of the offense’s flexibility, Coach Perretta does emphasize having a team leader in a specific role. The leader helps to determine the style and effectiveness of your team’s version of Coach Perretta’s offense.

    Villanova Unscoutable Zone Offense Player Roles

    Perretta then explains the roles of additional players such as the baseline player, the designate flasher, and the perimeter players. Normally, the offense starts in some form of a high-low setup to stress the defense and create some gaps to attack. Coach Perretta breaks down how the perimeter players are to keep the floor spaced while also providing a pass and fill mentality.

    What makes zone offenses hard to defend is inside-out ball and player movement. The flasher works from inside-out to create holes for the post player who can also pass out to perimeter players. This provides both inside and outside scoring opportunities.

    The beauty of Coach Perretta’s zone offense is that it can be initiated from any spot on the floor and can adjust to any zone defense – 2-3, 1-3-1, or 3-2. Perretta also covers how to customize the offense by adding some of your own favorite elements like pick and rolls and back screens.

    Coach Perretta ends the presentation with two sets: Strong and Weak Wave. These are used to force a defense into specific looks. All in all, Coach Perretta’s offense is one that cannot be scouted, is difficult to defend, and can score against zone defense in the nation. Rent the Villanova Unscoutable Zone Offense DVD today.

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