(Rental)-Half Court Man Gap Defense

  • (Rental)-Half Court Man Gap Defense
  • Half Court Man Gap Defense by Michael Peck Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Snow Valley Basketball School Presents: Individual Defense Development

    The Snow Valley Basketball Camp is one of the premier camps in the nation. The camp’s purpose is to help players develop their individual basketball skills in every area of the game. Players learn a proper defensive stance. They learn how to defend a down screen and are put through all sorts of drills designed to improve shooting, passing, dribbling, and more.

    Former NCAA and NBA coach Tates Locke takes you through five different defensive sessions at the Snow Valley Basketball Camp. You will see and learn how players can improve their defensive game and develop a lock-down mentality on the floor. The stance, jumping to the ball, defending the pick and roll, and transition defense are all addressed by Coach Locke.

    Defensive Stance

    Defense starts with the feet. They are a defender’s greatest weapon and are what will get players to the next level. Coach Locke takes you through some basic defensive drills to build the foundation for playing lock-down defense.

    On-Ball Defense: Ball & Wings

    In a series of drills, players learn how to defend a man without the ball and then transition to defending the man with the ball. You will see how to defend the ball as soon as your man receives it. Using 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 situations, Coach Locke teaches these concepts to help players take an offense out of its rhythm.

    Off-Ball Defense

    Coach Locke believes there are five core responsibilities to make you an effective off-ball defender. You will see how to contest screens, defend flashers, and how to defend wing to wing action. A complete defender plays good off-ball defense too.

    Defending the Screen & Roll

    Preventing mismatches is a big key in playing screen and roll defense. Learn to force ball handlers to pick up their dribble or to reverse it. Coach Locke emphasizes ball side and help side recognition using some variations of the Shell Drill. The drill works the communication angle as well as the ball-you-man triangle.

    Transition Defense

    One of the more difficult aspects of defense is playing in transition. Coach Locke puts campers through a series of drills that teach players to communicate, sprint to help, recover, and stop penetration and block out. Drills progress from 2-on-1 to 3-on-2, and 3-on-3 sets and eventually culminate in a 5-on-5 full court drill.

    Snow Valley Basketball Camp is well known as one of the best for teaching the critical fundamentals of defense. In this 135-minute DVD, Snow Valley gives you an inside look at why the camp is so valuable.

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