(Rental)-Fit, Fast, & Flexible Drills For Year Round Training

  • (Rental)-Fit, Fast, & Flexible Drills For Year Round Training
  • Fit, Fast, & Flexible Drills For Year Round Training by Barry Kagan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    By Barry Kagan

    Barry Kagan’s profile

    Barry Kagan is a strength & conditioning coach who is in the private practice. He earned his Master’s degree from the collegiate association of strength & conditioning coaches. Kagan was formerly a strength coach at the University of Maryland and more than 100 NCAA All-Americans have been coached by him. About 15 teams in the NCAA National Championship have also been coached by him and he has contributed significantly to the development of many Olympians who number above a dozen. He has also helped in the development of some FIFA World Cup male footballers and more than 50 athletes across a wide range of sports.

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    In line with the first volume, this video was produced in order to help athletes in different fields of sports to prepare adequately in every aspect of Strength & Conditioning.

    • For Athletes

    This video will help athletes to improve their acceleration and also increase their mobility after they complete the flexibility training and the drills that are designed to enhance their agility. They will also get to achieve an increase in their athleticism in the areas of strength, speed, and also power.

    They will also get exposed to the best strategies for being prepared and will be moved to adopt the system that has been proven to provide results for college athletes in different sports categories.

    Athletes will be provided with valuable insight into how colleges carry out testing which will assist them to be more equipped in their preparations for evaluation.


    • For Coaches

    This resource will equip coaches with a lot of ideas on how they can add variety to their practices which will help them to successfully implement speed, flexibility, and also agility. They will be able to teach flexibility routines that are dynamic in nature and also teach warm-ups in the best way. Coaches will then find it easier to embed performance preparation into their practices.


    The series on Sport Performance Preparation by Barry Kagan is equipped with the essential tools that are needed to propel athletes to even greater heights in their careers. This series contains five video parts of almost 15 hours in total. It also comes with bonus materials of about 70 files which offer guidance to athletes from the commencement of preparation for pre-season to the end of the after-season play. The video features some athletes who are top performers in the various sports that they engage in such as lacrosse, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc.

    In video number 3 of the series, Barry Kagan gives about 2 hours and 30 minutes of video coverage and lots of additional materials that are designed to help athletes take their preparation further than the weight room.

    • Coaches will be exposed to many exercises that they can add to their toolbox and use them for a long period of time. They will get to see video footages of many drills on agility and also diagram booklet that can be printed. Drills for conditioning are exhaustively explained in the video which also comes with a manual that is color-coded and provides detailed explanations on the process of setting up, implementing, and ascertaining appropriate measurements on the field or court.


    • Athletes will be helped to develop the kind of confidence that they will need to propel themselves to the very next level in their careers. They will be able to put themselves in good shape, improve their explosiveness, and increase the level of their agility ahead of the preseason. They will also be able to pa
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