(Rental)-Expanded Teaching Methods For The Non-strength Coach

  • (Rental)-Expanded Teaching Methods For The Non-strength Coach
  • Expanded Teaching Methods For The Non-strength Coach by Barry Kagan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    By Barry Kagan

    Barry Kagan’s profile

    Barry Kagan is a strength & conditioning coach who is in the private practice. He earned his Master’s degree from the collegiate association of strength & conditioning coaches. Kagan was formerly a strength coach at the University of Maryland and more than 100 NCAA All-Americans have been coached by him. About 15 teams in the NCAA National Championship have also been coached by him and he has contributed significantly to the development of many Olympians who number above a dozen. He has also helped in the development of some FIFA World Cup male footballers and more than 50 athletes across a wide range of sports.

    What you stand to benefit from this course

    This video will reveal the key things that sports coaches should look out for in order to assist an athlete to begin training.

    The video will teach parents about the best ways to guide their children without them having to do the exercises by themselves. Parents will be taught about the things to check for and also get an insight into the things that they can change in order to correct it.

    Instructors in the field of physical education will also be guided in the most effective way to handle an athlete’s program and how to comprehend technique progressions easily.

    The video will also cover how athletes can be kept safe during lifting by giving tips on knowing when to slow down progression, knowing the techniques of spotting, and understanding how athletes can benefit from a strength program.


    The series on Sport Performance Preparation by Barry Kagan is equipped with the essential tools that are needed to propel athletes to even greater heights in their careers. This series contains five video parts of almost 15 hours in total. It also comes with bonus materials of about 70 files which offer guidance to athletes from the commencement of preparation for pre-season to the end of the after-season play. The video features some athletes who are top performers in the various sports that they engage in such as lacrosse, baseball, soccer, hockey, etc.

    The first video goes into detail about strength training and the fourth video provides a lot of explanations with respect to teaching techniques and how to maintain safety during complex exercises.

    Barry Kagan uses video number 4 in the series to present a guide which instructors will find highly valuable and expansive. The video will teach professionals who do not use exercise as part of their teaching to help athletes to learn the process. Contained in this video, also, are the experiences of Kagan in training athletes who have never been inside a weight room. There are training cues which new strength coaches and also personal trainers can add to their training arsenal. Coach Kagan also tackles the mistakes that are most commonly made and also offers insight on some additional teaching methods which is more detailed than he offers in the first video. These additional teaching methods cover the following categories:

    • RDL's
    • Bench press
    • Squats
    • Olympic lifting movements and even more

    Coach Kagan also gives a review of the spotting techniques which talk about how to spot appropriately to ensure that the athlete remains safe while also allowing the athlete to remain independent.

    • The video will help Strength Coaches to set up and successfully hold intern training programs. It will serve as a guide for them to assist athletes.
    • Instructors who specialize in physical education but have no prior knowledge of performance training can use the knowledge in this video as a resource that can help them to teach squats, RDL&
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