(Rental)-Early Pick & Roll Attack

  • (Rental)-Early Pick & Roll Attack
  • Early Pick & Roll Attack by Noel Gillespie Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Early Pick-and-Roll Attack

    The NBA’s Phoenix Suns have long been associated with high-scoring, fast break offenses. In this video, you will gain firsthand knowledge of the Suns mid-2000s up-tempo attack led by two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash. Coach Noel Gillespie, a Suns assistant who is now a G-League head coach, gives you a detailed look at how the Suns got the ball up the floor quickly and used a “7 seconds or less” mentality to become one of the league’s top scoring teams.

    Drag Series

    The Suns Drag Series is reviewed by Gillespie. The series includes the dribble drag, single drag, and double drag. Gillespie outlines each player’s responsibility including scoring options in each set. He also presents a number of counters that you can put in place against various defenses.

    Coach Gillespie details each player’s responsibility in transition whether off of a made basket, a defensive rebound, a blocked shot, or a steal. Gillespie shows you the weaknesses in defenses that are getting back in transition and how to attack them with early pick and roll actions.

    21 Series

    Another series of plays used by the Suns was part of the 21 Series. It is a series where players are forced to sprint up and down the floor in an effort to maximize scoring opportunities. In the 21 Series, Gillespie shows you there are more options in place for your point guard and plenty of chances for your post players to get involved. Gillespie demonstrates a number of actions including 21 Chase, Counter, Keep, At, Flare, and Delay.

    Quick Action

    Gillespie continues his teaching with the Suns Quick Action. The popular transition series is based on a wide pin down screen where the wings are looking for curl action and the posts are looking for duck-ins. The point guard has the opportunity to turn the corner for an open drive as well. In addition, Gillespie shows you a quick step up and a quick big which are used for big plays in transition.

    Coach Gillespie’s video is short, coming in at 35 minutes, but it is full of information related to improving in transition. If you are looking for ways to create an attacking mentality in your program, this is the DVD for you.

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