(Rental)-Critical Keys to Transition Offense

  • (Rental)-Critical Keys to Transition Offense
  • Critical Keys to Transition Offense by Paul Hewitt Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The difference between the best and the worst teams in today's game is the ability to adjust on the fly. It's interesting that in today's game, teams that dominate transition offense are often unable to adapt in the half-court against strong defenses. Paul Hewitt, a long-standing NBA G-League coach and successful college coach, demonstrates how you can create a dominant transition offense. Hewitt also explains how your players can increase their offensive confidence by teaching them how to make seamless adjustments to half-court defenses that limit your options for transition. You'll learn how to teach your players to execute the play-after the-play, which Coach Hewitt calls "the play-after the-play". This will allow you to take your offense to the next level. Your team will be efficient and high-scoring and can quickly score high-percentage shots.

    Transition Offense and Transition Spacing

    On-the-court demonstration: Coach Hewitt quickly demonstrates his extensive knowledge of transition offense. He emphasizes how winning transition's first three steps allows your players many scoring opportunities. He also demonstrates how good transition offenses put pressure on defenses right from the moment they take the ball off of the glass.

    Coach Hewitt walks you through a series drills to help you teach attacking skills. He also shows you how this leads into lessons about transition spacing on the half court. The 'Fastbreak Layups Drill teaches players how to push the ball forward and run as fast to score easy buckets.

    The '2-on-2 Passing Perfection Drill' teaches players how to pass and catch, as well as many repetitions of different finishes at the rim. This drill is a great twist on a well-known one that everyone uses to practice transition. Instead of one player dribbling across the floor, you have two players who are working to pass ahead.

    Each coach has their own preferences about how their teams should set up offensively when they are on the floor. In a valuable segment about transition spacing, Coach Hewitt describes the five spots he sets up for his teams as they move down the court on offense. The goal is to stretch the defense and create opportunities for layups.

    Coach Hewitt shows you how to create gaps in defense by placing players in each corner, just off the slot and using a rim-runner. Hewitt demonstrates great examples of transition spacing with his 5-on-5 players.

    Flow Action and The Play After The Play

    Next Coach Hewitt will give you an overview of what to do if your primary scoring options have been eliminated and your transition offense has been stopped. This is the idea of "the play after" - actions that can make your offense appear unstoppable.

    Hewitt will show you how to make your half-court offense seem uncoutable by following simple rules such as 'how paint touches are created,' changing sides of the floor and 'using step up screens,' and 'using pin down screens. Your post player will be taught how to create as many 2-on-1 screening opportunities as you need. This will allow for a multitude of mismatches as well as downhill driving opportunities.

    Hewitt concludes his lesson with his top techniques to teach the most common half-court action most NBA teams use today - The Flow Series.

    In demonstrating the Flow Series, Coach Hewitt shows how your players can learn to create driving opportunities and work to incorporate the aforementioned 'play-after-the-play' concepts into this attack. The coach starts with a 5-on-0 set-up and then moves through the most important Flow Series concepts. He also demonstrates how to use actions and reads to help your players understand the concepts. This builds up to a live 5-on-5 offense.

    This video is a must-see and provides a great learning opportunity from one the most accomplished coaches in basketball. Coach Hewitt provided a Master Class on how to build your transition offense. Hewitt also emphasized the importance of pushing your players to play smart and fast, and encouraging them to score easy baskets. Hewitt also teaches you how your players can create offensive opportunities whenever a play is stopped or breaks down.

    If you want to show your players how to play the game correctly and include NBA Actions in your half-court offense, this video is a great addition to your library!

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