(Rental)-Bob Bigelow's Coaching Youth Basketball The Right Way

  • (Rental)-Bob Bigelow's Coaching Youth Basketball The Right Way
  • Bob Bigelow's Coaching Youth Basketball The Right Way by Bob Bigelow Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    This 2-part video will help coaches deal with the challenges that come with coaching a youth basketball team.

    VOLUME 1

    Generally, the video teaches coaches how to effectively coach youth basketball players the right way.

    • Chapter 1 (The Importance of Pivoting and Movement)

    Here, you’ll be able to teach your players have to use pivoting and footwork the right way. You will also find four drills that you can use to teach the youth pivots and jump stops.

    • Chapter 2 (Teaching Dribbling the Right Way)

    Here, your players will learn how to dribble effectively even when under defensive pressure and how gravity affects each dribbling skill.

    • Chapter 3 (Successful Passing for Kids)

    Here, the young players are trained to learn how to pass with accuracy and how to pass around defenders.

    • Chapter 4 (The Right Way to Teach Shooting)

    Here, your players will learn about the best shooting range for them and how to shoot effectively.

    • Chapter 5 (The Simple Offense for Youth Teams)

    Your players will learn how they can move without the ball and how they can mount pressure on the defense.

    • Chapter 6 (3-on-3 is the Best Way for Young Children to Learn)

    You can teach your youth basketball players to play effective 3-on-3 basketball.


    • Chapter 7 (Planning and Applying these Concepts in Practice)

    Organize your practice effectively so that your youth basketball players can get the most out of the practice.

    • Chapter 8 (Coaching Youth Games the Right Way)

    Here, you’ll teach your players the right way and you will be able to teach them a defensive style that suits their age group.

    • Chapter 9 (Final Thoughts and Important Guidelines)

    You will learn how to coach your team the right way and how to avoid some of the common mistakes often made in the game.

    VOLUME 2

    This part takes coaching to a whole new level and helps you use all the core tactics to achieve better results with your team.

    • Chapter 1 (Basic Rules and Referee Tips)

    Here, you will learn how to effectively referee young players.

    • Chapter 2 (Proper Training Progressions)

    You will learn how to introduce skills progression and the correct order to introduce these skills to your players.

    • Chapter 3 (Ball-Handling)

    Learn new ball-handling drills for your young players.

    • Chapter 4 (Dribbling)

    You will learn dribbling drills for your players.

    • Chapter 5 (Footwork and Coordination)

    Your players will learn how to stay under control even when running at high speeds.

    • Chapter 6 (Passing)

    Learn passing drills for your players.

    • Chapter 7 (Shooting)

    Teach your youth to shoot effectively with these shooting drills.

    • Chapter 8 (Lay Ups)

    Learn how to properly teach layups.

    • Chapter 9 (Rebounding)

    Use rebounding drills to train your players


    • Chapter 10 (Individual Offense)

    How each player can contribute to the offense.

    • Chapter 11 (Team Offense)

    Teaching team offense wi

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