(Rental)-Beating Full Court Pressure & Match-up Zone Defense

  • How to Beat a full court press in basketball
  • Beating Full Court Pressure & Match-up Zone Defense by Dave Odom Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Beating Full Court Pressure and Matchup Zone Defense

    Former NCAA mentor Dave Odom registered over 400 career wins as the head coach at Wake Forest and South Carolina. He took his teams to nine NCAA tournament appearances and won three NIT championships. A three-time ACC Coach of the Year, Odom shares an aggressive offensive attack to counter defensive pressure in this video. In addition, he demonstrates how to counter the matchup zone that has stymied teams at the college level recently. You will see how to use counter action and baseline screens and cutters to put a defense on its heels.

    Attacking Full-Court Pressure

     The first part of Coach Odom’s presentation deals with handling full-court pressure defenses. You will see a number of drills that build upon one another to help your players get the ball up the floor safely. With an emphasis on seeing the entire floor, Coach Odom shows you how to easily dissect any full-court press.

    Coach Odom showcases two different press breaks that can also be used an aggressive offensive attack depending upon the type of pressure. Each press break allows for at least three good passing options open at all times and emphasizes ball movement via the pass instead of the dribble.

    Countering the Matchup Zone

    The final segment of the Coach Odom’s presentation is dedicated to his matchup zone offense. Coach Odom offers a variety of tips for beating the matchup zone including the use of misdirection and false action. The use of both can confuse the defense and force it out of position.

    Using baseline screens and cutters, the matchup zone defense is forced to make a choice between leaving the low post open or leaving an open shooter. Another option is shown where the offense flows into an overload situation. The offense can use this advantage in the post to overpower the defense.

    Coach Odom provides a number of outstanding strategies for alleviating pressure defense. Add his presentation to your collection and reap the benefits it brings to your program! Rent this beating full court pressure DVD today.

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