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  • Attack and React Offense Volume 2 Andrew Grantz
  • Attack & React Motion Offense Volume 2 by Andrew Grantz Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense, Volume 2

    Andrew Grantz, creator of the Attack & React Offense, provides this update to the offense to help simplify coaches’ and players’ understanding of how to react. No longer is the offense restricted to varsity level teams. The offense can be taught at lower levels and adjusted as players develop through the system.

    Coach Grantz, now the head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida, spent several years developing the Attack & React offense while serving as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a head coach at Our Lady of Providence HS in Indiana. The offense is based primarily on the dribble drive concept, but Grantz expands and simplifies the offense by changing alignments, spacing aspects, and more in this updated version of the offense.

    188 Minutes of the Attack and React Offense

    In this 188-minute video, Coach Grantz uses whiteboard diagrams and 5-on-5 demonstrations to lay out all 18 phases of the Attack & React offense. He starts with the foundational phases again, but goes into greater detail. This updated version of the offense features various screening angles, cut types, and other components that are all designed to put more pressure on a defense.

    You will see four different cut spots that create better decision making habits among your players. These cuts spots also help maintain NBA level spacing and create better attacking lanes. Coach Grantz has also changed his driving line, which will now create even more backdoor opportunities.

    The whole three-hour-plus video is designed to enhance and expand your knowledge of the Attack & React offense. Imagine keeping the same base offense each year but changing the additional phases based upon the strengths and weaknesses of your players. Imagine developing your players and their offensive capabilities because the offense is so simple. Now, all of that is possible with Coach Grantz’s video. Rent the Attack and React Offense Volume 2 today.

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