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    While the team prepares for the season, the Coach Donovan works on developing the offensive and defensive styles of play. You will see how he explains the Spread Pick and Roll Offense along with the Motion High Offense. You will learn a great deal from these important practices. Furthermore, you will also learn how to build your defense and offense using a shell drill, the coach will improve his post players, and much more things.

    Practice 1

    • Loaded with the drills that will work on closing out and on one-on-one perimeter defense from a variety of locations. • There will be proper sets that will initiate the Spread Pick and Roll that will create motion on defense and take away help. This will put the defense in disadvantage situations early in the possession. • In order to convert the defensive rebounds into transition offense, there will be certain drills used as well.

    While the players prepare for their next exhibition game, the coach Donovan will make sure to give them proper training and practice. He will work on their style of play and will make them understand lots of valuable things. Different offensive actions will be demonstrated by coach Donovan that will come in handy in the Motion High Offense along with their Spread Pick and Roll Action.

    So, the practice 1 will kick start from the five-man offensive drills. In the 5-on-0 situation, the team will go through different action for each player. The big men will be in the post all the way through the pick and roll followed with a double screen. When the coach Donovan is done with the set plays and motion offense, the next thing that he will work on will be building the defensive style of play with a driving line drill. In this way, the defense will continuously work on closeouts and squaring up on the ball to contain dribble penetration. After all this, the transition drills will come into play and in this drill the coach Donovan will try to combine getting back in transition and disrupting the fast break.

    The first part was about the defensive end mainly. Now the second half of the practice will be about the offensive end. In order to get the ball into the post to score, the coach Donovan will be using the Circle the Wagon Drill. He will utilize his post players scoring opportunities and for building an inside presence that will create more open shots on the perimeter.

    The offensive drills will come to an end with a full court press attack. The Coach Donovan explains the importance of getting into the press right after a bucket is scored and also being more attentive and coming back when the press is broken.

    Practice 2

    • Learn transition drills to improve passing and scoring in advantage situations • Use the Gator Scramble Drills to train your team to recover on defense in a scramble situation • Learn how to use scrimmages to determine how well players are translating practice skills into game situations

    The second practice that goes on from 4-on-4 or 5-on-5 is very important as per the Coach Donovan as he spends lots of time on these. In order to create competition, run offensive plays and sets and teach his players how to defend screening actions. The coach Donovan uses the 4-on-4 shell defense that will really help the players all these aspects of the game.

    With the help of Scramble Drill he will help the players build help-side defense. The Scramble Drill will teach the players how to defend and to protect the basket when a defender gambles for a steal. The players will also get knowledge about defending and how to stunt and get back to their man while also learning how to read the offense and also while attacking and taking a charge.

    When it comes to the 5-on-5 situations, the coach Donovan will make use of the game transition posting that will enable the player to learn how to get the ball into the post off of a transition. In this setting, the main focus will be on the post but

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