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    All Access Offensive Basketball Practice with John Beilein

    Get an inside look at the offense run by John Beilein while head coach at Michigan where he won two Big Ten regular season titles, two Big Ten tournament titles, and took the Wolverines to two Final Fours. After jumping to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, Coach Beilein has made this practice video footage available for all to see. In the video, you will see Coach Beilein’s press break, shooting drills, out of bounds plays and even some of the team concepts that helped make the Wolverines successful. Great offensive basketball practice plan.

    Shooting, Transition & Post Play

    Coach Beilein is well known for his ability to take average shooters and make them long-range phenoms. You will see some of the shooting drills that Beilein has players do on a daily basis. The drills focus on the most important aspects of shooting which include footwork and upper body form.

    Next, Coach Beilein runs his team through a transition drill where players run through a weave and end using a jump stop. This leads right into post play. The ability to score consistently from the post can turn any offense into a great one. You will see drills that help post players score on the move. Coach Beilein stresses footwork and body placement to help post players increase their scoring percentage. Both catch high and finishing at the rim are stressed in this segment.

    Press Breaker

    Coach Beilein walks you through how he wants his players to break a press. He likes to be aggressive and take advantage of the press beating it down the floor in an attempt to create layups before the defense has a chance to set up in the half court. Coach Beilein emphasizes sharp cuts and keeping the right spacing as the keys to beating any press.

    Special Situations

    One of the situations Coach Beilein addresses is what to do when the offense has failed to create a quality scoring opportunity and the shot clock is running out. He shows them how to organize for a final ball screen in a late-shot clock situation.

    You will also see three out of bounds plays that can be used against man-to-man defenses. All three plays come out of the same alignment making it difficult for an opponent to decipher exactly what is going to happen.

    Coach Beilein is one of the game’s greats. With over 750 career wins at all levels of college basketball, there is something useful for any coach in this practice video! Rent this offensive basketball practice DVD today.

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