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    Watch 3 Andy Toole basketball practices on this video. Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole welcomes you into his gym to take an all-access, inside look into what three days of basketball practice with his team looks like. You will see his intense, no-nonsense approach to pushing his players to get the most out of them.

    Toole keeps each practice fresh by presenting new challenges for his players to try and complete each day. Toole is unique in how he uses statistics during practice. Almost every drill, and certainly every day, Toole will use some sort of statistical analysis to track improvement. He is a very spirited, enthusiastic coach and his practices are great translations of his energy.

    Basketball Practice 1 w/ Andy Toole

    Coach Toole opens up the first basketball practice by establishing his defensive philosophy and the drills used to reinforce it. The teams basic principle is to be intense and to make the offensive players uncomfortable. Coach Toole uses a series of defensive breakdown drills to teach the proper technique for every position. He breaks his team into multiple squads in order to maximize the number of reps they can get for each breakdown drill.

    He also works on offense. He demonstrates a bread and butter drill for the program called the "Daily Dozen." It is a lay up drill that emphasizes footwork, finishing, and decision making. he also uses the lay-ups to teach spacing, kickouts, and cutting. Weather it is offense or defense, Toole really emphasizes how beneficial quick, correct decision making can be for the team.

    Basketball Practice 2 at Robert Morris

    Coach Toole spends a large chunk of this basketball practice on the offensive side of the ball. He is working on teaching basics of his offense to his team including automatic two man action, fundamental skills, and conditioning. He uses both 5-on-5 and 5-on-0 competition drills to teach the basic sets and actions his team will use on offense.

    Coach Toole demonstrates a really cool way for you to track and enhance the competition taking place during practice. Every drill has a pre-determined point value associated with it. The coaching staff tracks which teams and players have the most points over the course of the day and season. This enhances each players competitive spirit during the drill which could lead to drastic improvements over the course of the season.

    This practice also shows a great build-up. He starts with the teams line-series using a 5-on-0 multiple possession drill. Once the players have met expectations, he teaches them how to beat defensive pressure by cutting hard, re-screening, looking for the post, and taking care of the ball.

    Basketball Practice 3

    Practice three is more of a "gut check" than the other two days. Coach Toole presents a handful of challenges to the players to try and see who is willing to step up to meet the expectations. He does still do some teaching and drill work. He does some more defensive work using stations to challenge the defense against difference offensive actions. He also teaches his post players how to carve out space in preparation for a drive to the hoop and how to position their body to get ready for a pass. He also shows how to used a controlled 5-on-5 scrimmage in order to work on specific offensive goals.

    Get a first hand look into how an intense, college practice is run and bring some of those same drills and techniques into your own gym by renting this DVD today. Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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