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    4-Out 1-In Attack and React Offense

    Finally, there is an offense simple enough to learn and run at any level. Andrew Grantz, current head boys’ basketball coach at Fort Myers HS in Florida, introduces you to the Attack & React Offense in this video. Grantz, who served as an assistant coach at Indiana University Southeast and as a graduate assistant at Pittsburg State, took the best elements of the Read and React and the Dribble Drive Motion offenses and created his own system – the Read & React.

    Coach Grantz begins by introducing the 16 phases of the Attack and React Offense. He starts with the most basic and shows you how you can use as many or as few of the phases as your program needs. Using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations, Coach Grantz breaks down each phase. The great thing is that the Attack & React system teaches players how to play basketball instead of simply running a bunch of set plays.

    Foundations of the Attack and React Offense

    Coach Grantz lays the foundation of the offense by presenting the initial three phases of the offense:

    • Phase 1: The Dribble Drive Phase starts with the basics of attacking the basket. Coach Grantz explains the action above and below the drive line as well as the importance of 3-point line spacing, the pitchout, the lift, and other actions. Each player learns how to react to all ball movements.
    • Phase 2: The Pass and Cut Offense is dominated by the Give-and-Go. This simple action provides double gaps which can lead right into the flow of the dribble drive.
    • Phase 3: The Post Entry is the final piece of the basic set up of the offense. This includes not only the post-up, but also the high and low “Laker” cuts.

    The remainder of the phases consists of add-ons to the Attack and React offense. Coach Grantz explains rules for baseline drives, the dribble through, ball screens and other screening actions, and counters. As an added bonus, you will also see how to advance the ball quickly up the court in transition and how out-of-bounds situations can flow right into the Attack & React offense.

    The best part of the Attack & React Offense is that you can pick and choose which phases to include in your own variation of the system. Fit the offense to your personnel in this player-friendly offense that can break down any defense. This 176-minute video can help any program create a fun, effective offense. Rent the Attack and React Offense today.

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