(Rental)-3--2 Extended Match--up Zone

  • (Rental)-3--2 Extended Match--up Zone
  • 3--2 Extended Match--up Zone by Keno Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • With 2008 AP Coach Keno Davis, learn the secrets to basketball's 3-2 match up zone defense
    • Strategies and tactics to develop the 3-2 match-up area
    • Demonstration active hands and communication to improve team defense

    Coach Keno Davis believes that offense leads to defense. Players can quickly defend by running specific lanes and end up on the correct defensive side of court. This spread 3-2 match-up is a great way to quickly convert from offense to defense. Davis emphasizes that this zone is built upon solid fundamental man-toman principles. The shooting ability of the opponentÕs perimeter players will determine ball pressure. The 3-2 match-up is won by covering the right areas. These areas include corner trapping, corner trapping and post double down with 4 or 5. Corner coverage with mismatches is also important. Davis uses drills to reinforce the principle of active hands, communication, and active hands to build this defense. Screening against the zone is one offensive strategy. This defense can cover all on-ball screening actions with specific coverage and teaching points. The match-up of 3-2 can cover set plays, baseline runner, high post coverage, and two-guard front.

    53 minutes. 2008.

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