(Rental)-2-3 Zone Defense W/ Pressure Variations

  • (Rental)-2-3 Zone Defense W/ Pressure Variations
  • 2-3 Zone Defense W/ Pressure Variations by Quentin Hillsman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Using the 2-3 zone defense with pressure variations ensures the following:

    • You will be able to dictate the game’s tempo of and you can force your opponents into turnovers by using multiple defensive looks both in the full-court game and the half court-game.

    • You will be able to take away the opposition’s shooters in any offensive strategy used against you and force the opposition to make use of players with fewer skills and abilities.

    • Your players will be able to effectively attack all sideline inbounds play by making use of a pressure defense that will make an opposition you face fear your style of play.

    Build a reputation of play whereby you defeat your opponents by trapping, smothering, and using an aggressive style of play that will prove too difficult for your opponents to deal with. Make use of sideline traps, full-court pressure, and dealing with screens. Use these defensive tactics to draw your opposition away from their comfort zone and make offense difficult for them. You can also train your players to prevent ball handlers from taking a shot, defend against the first pass, preventing splits, and many others.

    Put your players in a trap position where they can easily force turnovers, use an aggressive style for ball handlers so your players can get a chance. You can also force a good team to lose their rhythm without compromising the principles that govern the zone.


    When using this press, players can easily return to the 2-3 defense zone. This way, your players don’t have to struggle with running back to find their position after pressing. Train your players to look for traps on the sidelines or force an opposition player who is not a ball handler to bring it up.


    This type of defense can be used as a surprise attack when dealing with opponents who use sideline inbounds. When your opposition is trying to adapt to your standard 2-3 defense zone, you can surprise them with this aggressive attacking style.


    Regardless of the size of your team, you can win when you use these defensive styles. Add some surprises to your defensive strategies and make changes to the standard 2-3 defense zone

    Read our 2-3 Zone Defense Guide here.

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