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     Rent the Read and React Offense DVD (2 DVDs)

    You can rent the Read and React Offense 2 DVD set to learn all the layers of the Read & React Offense.  Developed by Coach Rick Torbett, the Read and React Offense consists of 20 layers that build the offense from layer one on up.  You'll learn everything you need to know on this 2 DVD Set.

    The Read & React can be run out of various formations such as 5 Out, 4 Out 1 In, and 3 Out 2 In.  Which formation you choose depends on your personnel.  If you have strong posts you'll probably want to use a 4 Out or a 3 Out set.  If you have a youth team or just want to spread the floor the 5 Out set is the way to go.

    What Else is on the Read and React Offense DVD?

    Rick Torbett will teach you by showing the offense on the whiteboard and then action on the court.  This is an updated version of the original DVDs so Coach Torbett has refined the process of teaching the Read and React Offense.  Thiis set of Read and React DVDs is only 2 DVDs vs. the original 6 DVD set.  The 2 DVD set gets down to the meat with no fluff.

    The Read and React Offense is is made up of common basketball actions with it's most unique action being the Circle Movement layer.  This layer is the "Dribble Drive" layer of the offense.  When the player with the basketball drives the other players must read which way they drive and this determines the movement of the other players.  It's called circle movement because all players move in the same general direction as a circle rotating. 

    Rent the Read and React Offense DVD today and you will learn the Read & React inside and out.



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