Pivotology: Ultimate Footwork Drills

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Basketball is a game where you use your feet to get into a position to use your hands. Understanding that is an important key to success for any basketball player. If your feet don't work it won't matter what you can do with your hands. Pivotology: Ultimate Footwork Drills for Basketball Players will take your game to another level by developing the footwork necessary to allow you to use all the other skills of your game you have developed. This video is for any level of player and the sooner you start teaching your players great footwork the better. Another major part of this video is offensive post moves. If you are a mid-post or post player, Michael Kennedy breaks down the moves you need to become an offensive force in the low post.
Video #Video TitleVideo Length
1Intro/Warm Up Free 6:10
2Pivotology Part 1 Free 9:24
3Pivotology Part 2 7:39
4Pivotology Part 3 4:47
5Pivotology Part 4 7:49
6Pivotology Part 5 9:38
7Pivotology Part 6 5:34

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Michael Kennedy - Hoops was founded in 2000 with the purpose of helping basketball players who have the ultimate desire to be the best basketball player they can be. By offering instructional basketball videos and training aids we provide any player with the best instruction in the world. There is no excuse to not be as good as you can. We can give you the tools but you must bring the desire and effort. We also offer videos and aids for basketball coaches. The coach that realizes what a benefit instructional videos are to his/her program will have an edge over the competition.
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