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While the off hand in basketball doesn't seem like it does that much, the big problem is that it can really mess up your shot.  The off or guide hand shouldn't do more than help catch and balance the basketball on the shot. Your shot should be a true one handed release with the off hand coming off as the ball is brought above your head. So the final release of the basketball is entirely your shooting hand.

The off or guide hand problem is called Thumbing the Basketball.  This is when the wrist of the off hand rotates and the thumb puts force on the basketball.  This is an opposing force from the shooting hand. So our problem is that we have two opposing forces which makes it hard to control the flight of the basketball.

Choose from 3 Off Hand Basketball Shooting Aids

Which off hand basketball shooting devices can help you best?  Watch the video above and check each product below. The Perfect Jump Shot Strap, the Wrap Strap, & the Smooth Shooter all perform the same function of helping you stop thumbing the basketball and developing a true one handed release with great rotation on the basketball.  

The Perfect Jump Shot and Wrap Strap both stop the off hand wrist from turning.  You can still lift your off hand arm up and down you just won't be able to rotate the wrist.  The Smooth Shooter doesn't prevent the wrist from rotating but it makes it hard to use the off hand except for balancing the ball.  When you first use the Smooth Shooter you'll notice your range isn't as far.  That's because you are removing parts of the body from the shot you don't realize you are using - like off hand.  To shoot at the same range you'll have to work at increasing the use of your legs in your shot as you aren't relying on the off hand anymore.

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Wrap Strap (Off Hand)

$24.99 $19.99

The Wrap Strap if an Off Hand Shooting Aid for basketball players who want to stop Thumbing the Basketball. THumbing is caused by the Off Hand (also known as the guide hand) when a player uses the off hand to help put force on the basketball...

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