Nuclear First Step

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  • develop quicker first step basketball
  • Dorian Lee is a trainer out of Atlanta, GA.
  • how to get quicker in basketball
  • beat defenders in basketball
  • ladder drills for speed quickness basketball
  • how to read defender in basketball
  • how to drive better in basketball
  • jumping and plyo drills for basketball
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  • 2 Videos in 1 - Agility & Speed Training along with Triple Threat training
  • Get a quicker first step with plyometrics, jump rope, speed ladder work
  • Triple Threat section of video teaches you how to read and beat defenders off the dribble
  • See Dorian take a player through a workout
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Developing a Nuclear First Step requires two components:

  1. Building Explosive Power
  2. Triple Threat


Are you ready to start blowing by defenders with quickness you didn't think you had? Are you ready to increase your Basketball I.Q. and actually read the defender playing you so that you make the best move possible to get by him? If so, then Dorian Lee's Nuclear First Step will let you do just that. Order now.



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