(Rental)-NABC 5 Man Open Post Offense w/ Quick Hitters

  • NABC 5 Man Open Post Offense w/  Quick Hitters by Jerry Petitgoue Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
  • Jerry Petitgoue 5 Out Motion Offense for Basketball NABC
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    5-Man Open Post Offense with Quick Hitters

    You simply can’t beat experience. Jerry Petitgoue has over 50 years of head varsity coaching experience and has won 29 conference titles, three state championships, and over 900 career wins. The head coach at Cuba City HS (WI), Petitgoue shares his 5-man open post continuity offense in this video. He details everything from progressions to options to quick hitters. You’ll see all the plays and counters too.

    Pressure the Rim

    The offense continually cuts, back cuts, and uses a variety of screens to attack the basket. The constant movement and cutting toward the basket opens up scoring lanes. While the actions to the basket change in appearance, the defense cannot cheat because it doesn’t know which one is coming.


    Coach Petitgoue does something rare in clinic videos. He addresses communication on offense. Players make their own reads and must call out their action. With young teams, coaches can call out the actions. No matter what though, the goal is for your players to learn the different types of cuts and options available. Communicating with teammates allows players to be found on offense, keep the motion going, and ensure players are using great timing.


    Each set is demonstrated on the court with and without a defense. You’ll be able to build and adjust the sets based on your players’ skill sets or how a defense reacts. If defenses switch, Coach Petitgoue will show you an adjustment.

    You will also see quick hitters which can be used to score quickly. The offense can also be used to run time off the clock or force a defense to foul. Coaches, especially at lower levels, can benefit greatly from this video. This is an excellent motion offensive system that can be modified to match your players’ strengths. Rent this open post offense DVD today.

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