(Rental)-Motion Offense Skills & Drills

  • (Rental)-Motion Offense Skills & Drills
  • Motion Offense Skills & Drills by Greg Lansing Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Motion Offense - Individual and Team Skills & Drills

    Greg Lansing took over the Indiana State program prior to the 2010-11 season and promptly guided the Sycamores to the 2011 NCAA tournament. Indiana State won the Missouri Valley Conference tournament that year and much of the program’s success is due to the showcase of drills Lansing uses to train his players on offense and defense.

    In this video, Coach Lansing demonstrates 14 drills that players can use to increase their skill level. You will see everything from basic two-ball dribbling drills to a half-court attack the rim drill. In addition, players learn the fundamentals of defense starting with learning to stay low in a basketball stance with the head and hands up.

    Defensive Drills

    After a series of buildup drills, Coach Lansing demonstrates three awesome transition defense drills that help increase a player’s awareness in the open court. You will also see full-court drills in which advantage and disadvantage situations are created. These help players communicate effectively and consistently to protect against easy baskets.

    Coach Lansing then gets into nine different drills designed to improve individual and team defensive skills. Players work on close outs, help side defense, on-ball defense, and more. Learning the finer points of defensive play can help a team get better at limiting opponents’ scoring production.

    Offensive Drills

    After the defensive drills, Coach Lansing turns his attention to his motion offense. You’ll see a set of drills that work the different aspects of the offense. Coach Lansing’s version of Motion does use screens but it also relies on the options available with all the cuts that are used.

    Five cuts/actions within the 4-Out/1-In motion offense force defenses to continually chase offensive players. The dribble drive is also incorporated into the offense. Lansing’s version of the motion offense is great against pressure defenses and keeps opponents guessing. The drills are designed to help players pick up on defensive reads and develop their basketball IQ.

    Coach Lansing provides solid instruction on how to perform each drill as well as points of emphasis for each. This presentation is a must-have for coaches looking to develop highly skilled and intelligent basketball players. Rent this motion offense DVD today.

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