HoopsKing Pro Court Sweat Mop Rectangle

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HoopsKing Pro! - The Basketball Sweat Mop the Pros Use...Quick & Easy Cleanup

Have you watched a basketball game on tv and as the action goes to the other end of the court you see someone running out on the court cleaning it? Now you can clean the court just like the Pros do without having to stop the game.

Our rectangle basketball sweat mops make cleaning up sweat off the gym floor easy. Uniquely manufacturer microfiber pads quickly pickup the sweat and moisture reducing any chance for slips and falls that get players hurt.

The HoopsKing Pro mop is the perfect companion to the Courtclean. Designed for quick pickup of moisture and dirt during basketball, volleyball, and any action on the court.

Here's How HoopsKing Pro makes cleaning easier...

  • Super Absorbent cleaning so you get all the sweat and moisture off the court reducing slips and falls
  • Dries Quickly so game action on the court can continue without wasting time
  • Lightweight so it's easy to carry onto the court and quickly mop up the sweat
  • Compact which allows you to keep it right next to the court ready to mop up sweat
  • Easily Adjustable so you can have young kids or adults use the sweat mop comfortably
  • Lint Free so you don't add extra debris to the gym floor which takes away from the shine
  • Cleans, polishes and buffs so your gym floor looks great all the time
  • Eliminates germs, mites, fungus, mold and bacteria so your court lasts longer and is safe for players

Whey do they Mop the Floor in Basketball?

The first main reason is for player safety so that players don't slip or fall. During a game players expect to have good traction and be able to plant their foot without slipping. Sweat or water on the court can easily cause a serious injury to a player and using the KeyPro Clean mop is a great way to prevent such injuries.

The second reason would be to keep the floor looking good and to prevent damage. Water marks or stains could develop and cause water spots that you can't get out without replacing part of the court.

Use the HoopsKing Pro sweat mops to wipe up sweat off all kinds of floors including...

Our mops have a lot more uses than just sports. Besides sports you can use this product as a mop on all of these surfaces.

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Office Floors
  • Store Aisles
  • Hospitals
  • Hallways
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Fitness Centers
  • Churches
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • Residential Floors
  • And more…
  • And more…
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