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Jump Rope Workout for Athletes that Want to Become Quicker &  Faster - in just 5 Minutes a Day 

Do you feel hopeless to do anything with the basketball when you have a quicker player guarding you? Do you not look forward to playing certain teams because you'll have to go against a quicker player or team?

Do you want to become a quicker and faster basketball player and be the player no one looks forward to matching up against? Do you want to play at the highest level of basketball you possibly can?

For years coaches have told basketball players to jump rope to improve foot speed, quickness, and develop coordination. They have handed players a rope and said, "Get after it".

As you move up in levels of sports, athletes get bigger, faster, quicker, and stronger so developing your full potential in all of htese areas is key to competing at the highest level you can.

You may have great skill and better skill than other players, but many athletes fail to achieve a higher level of play because they just aren't athletic enough.

Jason Otter has spent over 20 years doing jumping rope workouts.  He first started jumping rope in junior high and it helped him develop the quickness to play Division I basketball.  He continues to teach ahtletes he trains in person with jump rope workouts.

However, there never has been a complete plan to follow.  Therefore players easily become bored with jumping rope and never realize the incredible gift the jump rope could give them.

A Complete Jump Rope Workout Plan

But luckily for you, you can now benefit just like the athlete's Jason trains on a daily basis.  Jason has helped thousands of athletes get quicker and faster with his jump rope workout.

Jason has 3 different jump rope workouts each consisting of 15 moves (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced).

Now the great thing about Jason's jump rope workout, is that you can choose to do a daily 10 to 15 minute workout or just take some of his moves and do them as a warmup before your workout or practice.

Printable workout sheets are included to help you with the jump rope workouts.  If you are a coach you can print out as many workout sheets you need year after year.

Whether you are a coach, player, or parent you need to use Jason Otter's Jump Rope Workout video.

You have nothing to lose and only speed and quickness to gain.  At your current level you can take your athleticism to another level while preparing to compete at the next level.

Order Jason Otter's Jump Rope Workout video now as a DVD or downloadable video and start getting quicker and faster today.

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