(Rental)-A Hierarchy Of Individual Skills For Youth Basketball

  • (Rental)-A Hierarchy Of Individual Skills For Youth Basketball
  • A Hierarchy Of Individual Skills For Youth Basketball by John Tauer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Dr. Tauer for over 16 years, has worked with thousands of youth basketball players by means of his own directed summer basketball camp programs. Over the years, he has developed a series of drills based on hierarchy and progression that has been tested and proven to be very effective in training youth basketball players. These skill progressions challenge the players to become better and to play at the highest level in their career. It also rewards them since as they complete these drills, they improve their skill set and become better basketball players.

    The individual skills by Dr. Tauer are designed to be rewarding, competitive and at the same time, fun for the youth basketball players. It is no doubt a great resource for both coaches and parents. Additionally, this progression-based skills instruction is an age-appropriate one as it focusses on youth basketball players.

    The drills focus on the individual skills of the youth basketball players in your team which is fundamental to basketball. These include:

    • Ball-handling.

    Other unique features of the video by Dr. Tauer include:

    • Tauer's expertise in sports psychology makes it so easy for him to blend both coaching and teaching points in this video.
    • You and your players will be able to watch live clips of youth basketball players and you will be able to discover the areas your players might find challenging as well as those common mistakes youth basketball players often make.
    • Every major skill areas are worked on by means of a teaching progression that uses a hierarchy of drills. These drills increase gradually in difficulty and complexity as the players become better with each drill. You will also be able to incorporate or tailor these drills to meet the individual needs of the youth basketball players in your team as well as the needs of the team.

    Throughout the video, Dr. Tauer explains how you as a coach can make these drills both competitive and challenging for your youth basketball players. He also provides valuable coaching tips on how to give positive feedback to your youth basketball players to encourage them to do better and become successful at every level.

    This video is one of the most insightful videos that can be found anywhere. Dr. Tauer has a lot of experience when it comes to basketball. He not only was a successful basketball player but is a great basketball coach. He also has been able to work with thousands of players in his youth programs.

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