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Increase Shooting %

Knock down more shots in games. Your child WILL make more shots in games no matter what level they are at.

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High-Rep Shot Trainer

Have busy kids? They can still get up a ton of shots in just a few minutes a day. Train Smarter NOT Harder.

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Develop Muscle Memory

Your child will develop great form more quickly. Instead of taking months to develop it will be just a few weeks.

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ic3 basketball shot trainer for sale
iC3 Basketball Home Rebounder

How the iC3 Shot Trainer Helps Your Child

Get up more shots and stop chasing basketballs with the IC3 basketball rebounder. Along with more reps your arc will also improve with the net which catches made and missed shots. The ball returns to you via the ramp which rotates 180 degrees so you can have the ball returned to you anywhere on the court.

The IC3 fits easily on most home basketball systems and even many indoor systems. For indoor baskets, if the backboard is 60 inches or greater you do not need to use the telescoping arm as the unit will be fine without it. The IC3 Return System in our videos below features a 72 inch out basketball system and does use the telescoping pole for even extra support.

ic3 basketball return system
iC3 Basketball Home Rebounder

Put Up or Take Down the iC3 in Seconds

IC3 Basketball Rebounder

Big Results Are Coming!

  • Captures Makes & Misses - Why spend time chasing basketballs when you can be getting up more shots?
  • Shoot 180 Degrees - Chute turns 180 degrees allowing you to shoot from any spot on the court.
  • Improves Shooting Arc - No more flat, line drive shots with the iC3.
  • Complete 1 hour of Shooting in just 20 Minutes
  • Fits most home basketball systems & even many indoor systems
  • Has the major functionality (capturing Makes & Misses) as the industrial machines that cost $5000+.

Add these Accessories to the iC3 Rebounder!

Shot Counter

Basketball Rebounder - shot counter

Keep track of how many shots you get up each workout. The more shots the better.

Wheel Kit

Basketball Rebounder - wheel kit

The Wheel Kit allows you to move the iC3 Basketball Rebounder easily. Once you take the unit off the hoop, just push it to the side and you are ready to play.

Will It Fit My Hoop?

Use 2 Balls to Train

Storage & Travel

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iC3 Basketball Home Rebounder


These [Bonus Videos] are great! You guys have great support and customer service. I’m glad to have bought from you. Thank you very much! -
Robert H. - California

Innovative Drills for the iC3

Basketball Rebounder - shooting drills - dvd

Coach Chris will show you the innovative ways he uses the iC3 with players. After many years of using the iC3 Coach Chris has come up with some secrets that will help you get the most out of your iC3. Video link will be emailed immediately after purchase. If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder.

iC3 Assembly Video

Basketball Rebounder - how to assemble - dvd

Watch the iC3 be assembled so you are ready to put it together when it arrives. It's not hard but Coach Chris will show you a couple things that you will want to know before assembly that will keep you from making any mistakes which can cut down your assembly time by 30 minutes. Video link will be emailed immediately after purchase. If you don't see it, be sure to check your spam folder.

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Free Shipping only applies to the US 48 Continental States

"Just wanted to let you know, my IC3 arrived on Monday. Thank you so much for suggesting Borderlinx!! It only ended up being $150AUD shipping and arrived so quickly!! I ended up going down to the depot to collect as I didn’t want my boys to know I had ordered it, I had showed them previous emails saying shipping to Australia wasn’t available so their faces on Christmas morning will be priceless!!!!! So thank you to you for your advice. You have made the Christmas of 2 boys on the opposite side of the world and we will definitely be purchasing from you again. And if my boys get to the NBA, courtside seats are coming your way!!!! 😆😆😆 Merry Christmas to you and your team and a safe happy and prosperous 2018 to you all."
Kind Regards
Trudi M. - Australia

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