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    High School Basketball Practice with Jerry Petitgoue

    One of the winningest high school head coaches in the nation, Jerry Petitgoue shares a wealth of basketball knowledge in this on-court high school basketball practice video. See how Coach Petitgoue, head coach at Cuba City (WI) for 45 years, runs a practice at the beginning of a season and keeps his players motivated while still holding them accountable. Learn his continuity pick and roll offense and the 1-3-1 zone defense that helped Petitgoue win 19 conference titles, three Wisconsin state championships, and over 840 career games.

    Coach Petitgoue likes to start his practices with the Shot Builder drill, which is a simple drill that focuses on shooting with good form. He then takes players through multiple press breaks that can be used against man-to-man or zone presses.

    Coach stresses fundamentals and uses various drills throughout practice to ensure players are doing things the right way. All players go through a ball handling circuit. Rebounding is another fundamental skill that Petitgoue works on in two great drills. All drills are run in a game-like situation to make them more competitive and challenging.

    One of the highlights of the high school basketball practice video is Coach Petitgoue’s discussion of his Continuity Pick and Roll offense. It’s simple and flexible and Coach explains some of the ins and outs of how his attack is so effective. He breaks down post play and setting screens and shows you some variations for dealing with the different defensive adjustments you might see.

    High School Basketball Practice Video at Cuba City

    A key to the Cuba City HS program’s success has been its 1-3-1 zone defense. Coach Petitgoue explains how his defense can be tailored to pressure offenses in a number of ways. He shows you the fundamental drills used to build the defense, which can be used with any defense. Closing out with high hands, moving with the ball in the air, and staying in your stance are all components of Petitgoue’s defense that can be used in any type of defense.

    Coach Petitgoue’s video is a unique look at one of the nation’s most successful high school programs. If you want to see why this team is so successful, this 122-minute video is a must watch! Rent this high school basketball practice DVD today.

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