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    Guard BasketballDrills for the Backcourt

    Guard Basketball Drills DVD for rent. No matter the level, fundamental backcourt skills are imperative to a successful basketball program. LSU assistant coach Greg Heiar has spent many years developing NBA-caliber backcourt talent while serving in championship programs. Heiar served at Wichita State and helped the Shockers advance to the 2013 NCAA Final Four while tutoring All-American guards Ron Baker and Fred VanVleet, who are now both in the NBA.

    Today’s modern basketball offenses are so guard-centric that developing quality backcourt players is as crucial as ever. In this video, Heiar brings to you his methods for developing the skills necessary – dribbling, passing, shooting, and more – to be an elite guard. Throughout the video, you will learn Heiar’s three essential backcourt skills:

    1. Ability to handle pressure and cut down on turnovers
    2. Increase finishing skills around the basket
    3. Create shooting space and scoring opportunities

    Guard Basketball Drills - Ball Handling

    It starts with handling the basketball. Coach Heiar credits his emphasis on ball handling drills as the key to a reduction in turnovers and travel calls while at Wichita State. In this segment, you will be presented 13 stationary and on-the-move ball handling drills that are game-like and challenging. These drills include the following:

    • Developing “ball confidence” to make players more comfortable handling the ball
    • Incorporating 2-ball dribbling as well as introducing dribbling with a tennis ball
    • An emphasis on staying low while dribbling
    • How to add combinations like the crossover, between the legs dribble, and behind-the-back dribble as well as other moves while catching a tennis ball

    Finishing Moves for Guards

    Guards that can finish at the rim make teams better. They increase your team’s efficiency on the inside. Developing those finishing skills is a necessary piece of the elite backcourt player. Heiar shows you nine finishes at the rim to assist your players including:

    • Finishing off both the inside and outside foot
    • How to finish with both the inside and outside hand
    • Incorporating the in-and-out dribble
    • How to use the “step, pick, and finish” move

    Shooting Drills for Guards

    Proper shooting form is key to improving consistency as a shooter. Guards that can shoot from long range are extremely valuable. Heiar understands that to improve on shooting in games, drills must be more game-like. He shows you 11 drills that can be run within the same sequence in order to save time. Here’s what you get:

    • The benefits of chair form shooting
    • How to master the backboard shot
    • How to shoot off stagger screens using the pump fake, pull ups, and rip through
    • How to teach the foot fake

    Ball Screen Reads

    The ball screen is a big part of the modern offense and players need to understand how to attack and counter attack various defensive strategies. Coach Heiar teaches guards how to attack when teams overplay, ICE a screen, or switch. You will learn:

    • The importance of getting to the sidelines when playing pick-and-roll
    • How to get a 4-on-3 advantage on the offensive end
    • How to read a big man’s feet and attack them in a pick-and-roll situation

    Heiar’s abilities in teaching guards can help you challenge your players in their development. This 50-minute guard basketball drills video serves as a complete tutorial for effective backcourt play and is a welcome addition to any collection. Rent this guard basketball drills DVD today.

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